Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Networking Event

One of the many online acting forums I peruse often is called "Hollywood Happy Hour." As understand it, a couple years back, HHH had many networking events where actors (and anyone else - writers, casting directors) could get together, meet one another, and possibly make connections within the industry. They hadn't had one for some 18 months until last night. It was held at a place in North Hollywood and they had some comedy acts and interviews with people in the industry which were informative. There were also a few casting director trays where everyone could leave a headshot.

I haven't been too proactive in attending these networking events (likely because I' m not real comfortable going up and talking with strangers), but I met a few great people who I hope to stay in touch with. It is one of my goals this year to try and get myself out to as many of these type events as possible.

June 30, the end of the SAG contract, has come and gone, and it doesn't seem like a deal is imminent. Late last night, the AMPTP made a "Final" offer which SAG is looking at, but which sounds like it doesn't address most of the union's concerns. Part of the AMPTP statement reads, "Our industry is now in a de facto strike, with film production virtually shut down and television production now seriously threatened." Ugh...

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