Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back On The Field

Dirt burns and bruised fingers can only mean one thing - Softball Season! A woman that I met at the SAG picnic a couple weeks back runs a co-ed team that plays on Sundays in Encino. She called last Saturday to ask me to fill in on Sunday for one of the guys who was gone. I said, "Of course!" and played and had a lot of fun -- a highlight was my hook slide (safe!) into home plate in the 6th inning. It had been years since I played regular 12'' softball (16'' ruled the day in Chicago), but it went well. Their summer season ends soon, but they start a new season the week after Labor Day which runs until Christmas. Ah, softball in December... Did I mention I love the weather here???

I miss my Carbines teammates back in Chicago and I can only hope this team will as fun to play with. Carbines, don't you wish we could have played year-round!?

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