Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day - Brothers & Sisters Style!

Just a heads-up and reminder to set your DVRs: Gina co-wrote this Sunday's Valentine's Day episode of Brothers & Sisters on ABC (her 2nd ep of the season!), and it looks to be a great one!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After many months, I finally got another commercial audition -- Huzzah!  It was for GMC, in the role of a DUST BOWL ERA FARMER, which sounds like it could be some dusty, dirty fun.  The audition was short and painless; they just took a few photos and had us improvise a little bit.  I felt like it went well, though I'm not holding my breath as I was auditionee #115 on the day and they were still seeing folks for another hour or so.  They were bringing in all types -- ages, races, looks -- so I'm hoping they need at least a few guys for the spot, but I'm not sure.  At any rate though, just grateful to get back out there!


Wow!  What a Super Bowl Sunday for us Packer fans!  My apologies to all those watching with me who were subjected to my yelling, swearing, screaming and cheering.  Those last few minutes were enough to nearly give me a heart attack, but they did make the win that much sweeter!  Now, if only the Brewers could follow-up with a run of their own, 2011could go down as a banner year for my favorite sports teams...

So, to those of you braving the -20 wind chill in Green Bay, waiting for the celebration - huzzah!  I'll be cheering right along from warm, sunny Southern California.  Go Pack Go!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dog Jack Wins in San Diego

The Civil War film, Dog Jack, narrated by Lou Gossett Jr., in which I played a Union soldier (and have written about many times), continues to make the festival rounds and just won Best Drama at the San Diego Black Film Festival.  Below is writer/director, Ed McDougal, holding the award.  Congrats everybody!  Still waiting for a screening here in LA!  (or some distribution so people can check it out on DVD...)