Monday, September 28, 2015

Take a "Personal Day" - Gina's NCIS Episode! Tomorrow Night, September 29

Please watch Gina's NCIS episode tomorrow night! Her first as Supervising Producer in this, her 5th season on the show. "Personal Day" airs on CBS at 8/7c tomorrow, September 29. Catch a beautiful song from the amazingly talented Heather Stewart during the show. (See below - it is a song that she played at our wedding last year :)

Thank You From Behind the Bar!

Thanks to all who called, texted, e-mailed, and sent pics to say that you saw my appearance on Young & Hungry last week! Much appreciate the support!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What Can I Get For You?

The "Bartender at a swanky hotel" role I shot on Young & Hungry last May airs tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23 on ABC Family at 8/7c. Just a couple lines, but it was lot of fun! Wonderful set and great people -- Please check it out!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Camping Checklist --
Star Wars pillow: Check!
Spider-Man t-shirt: Check!
Matching tube socks: Check!

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  Hope to see you soon!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Conversion Factor

I have converted before.  American Psycho, Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car," guacamole, karaoke: all things I feared, disdained or downright hated upon first encountering.  Now they are some of my favorite things.  So I know I can change my mind.  That said, I don't know if I will be able to convert to the running is fun mentality.

I have never liked to run -- except as a means to an end: run up and down the court, run to first base, run to tackle your friend (or foe).  However, since I no longer play basketball three times a week like I did for several years, and my only running "exercise" is loping around the softball field a few times a week, I finally decided that I need to try to convert.

So many of my friends are amazing runners -- marathoners, joggers, social runners.  I still can't figure out if/how they can really possibly enjoy it (which it sure seems like they do!) or if they just have a stronger will and/or higher threshold for boredom and screaming muscles (which they likely do).  I am trying to find out.  I have now run for 7 of the last 8 days (biking at the gym on the non-running day.)  NOT long distances for real runners, but a couple miles is plenty long for me at this point.  I listen to my music and go around the neighborhood, looking at beautiful homes, nodding at the occasional dog walker...

So far, if I'm being honest, I have not enjoyed a second of the actual running.  Though I do feel good working up a sweat, the post-run feeling of accomplishment, and the internal mini-celebration when I get to walk at the end. 

Will I ever fully convert to a, "Let's go for a 10-mile trail run this weekend!" kind of guy?  Doubtful,  but maybe "A five-mile run won't kill me!" kind of guy?  There is always hope.  I guess.