Friday, February 8, 2013

Survey Says!

As I discovered back in Chicago, there are indeed ways of making your opinion count.  In stuff, that is.  I belong to a couple of survey sites -- one that rewards in airline miles, one that rewards in gift cards, and one that you actually get paid (albeit, not much). 

One of the companies I belong to sends out occasional screener surveys for focus groups.  You answer a few questions, and if you fit what they are looking for, they might call you in for a focus group.  I had one such group yesterday.  It was an hour-and-a-half discussion with 7 or 8 other folks and a moderator about international cell phone plans.  Upon leaving, we each got a $125 Visa card (Until January 1, they paid in checks, now it's the gift cards...)  Not bad for an afternoon of sharing my opinion.

Anyway, filling out surveys and attending focus groups is just another way a haven't-made-it-quite-yet actor can supplement the income.  Yay for obscure ways of making money!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello, Baby!

Zaina Jo -- less than 6 lbs, less than an hour old, already smiling...
A big congrats to my little sister and her husband who welcomed this little bundle of joy into the cold Wisconsin winter this morning!  Times like this I do miss being closer to home, but I know there are plenty of helpful (and loving) hands around there now.  Hopefully I will get home to see her this summer -- or better yes, you guys can bring her out to L.A. to visit Uncle Jeff!