Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Okay, so the above picture is kind of backwards for the occasion since it's actually a cake that my mom made me for my birthday some years ago.  (Star Wars.  Yes, I know: shocking.)  But, since the baking has been and always will be better left to my mom, I have no pictures of any birthday cake that I ever made so this one will have to do.

My mother is indeed the most caring, supportive, perfect mother anyone could ask for!  I wish you a happy birthday, Mom, and look forward to giving you a birthday hug in person (please come visit me out here on the coast again soon! :)

Two Thumbs Up?

Already nursing one baseball-induced thumb injury for over a year (now thanks to SAG insurance, I am set for surgery to replace the torn left thumb ligament with one from my left wrist in late July.  yay!), I hurt my right hand playing softball last week.  Almost the same injury to the right thumb.  Sheesh.  To the hand specialist's amusement, I am now wearing duel Tee Pee thumb protection braces.  And hoping to avoid another surgery. 

I am now hoping that someone somewhere will need to cast someone with a brace/cast on his hand over the next few months.  Anyone?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Military Man (For a Day or Two...)

Over the past several months I found myself working on many military projects.  Here are a couple pics of me getting to don the duds.  I found myself standing up a bit straighter when wearing the uniform...

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Force Was With Me (Again!)

Over the weekend, Gina and I went to see Star Wars in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  Now, of course I had already seen the show last year at the Nokia Theatre.  But, the chance to see the show outside under the stars and half-price tickets off Goldstar were too powerful to resist.  It was sold out, and there were many costumes and innumerable lightsabers in the house... 

It was once again an amazing show, and there was an additional surprise for us Star Wars nerds: following the Finale, show narrator Anthony Daniels (who played C-3PO in the films) introduced the iconic John Williams, who then proceeded to take the wand/stick(?) and conduct an encore of The Imperial March.  Great stuff!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

TV's #1 Show Improves Itself!

After a year on Brothers & Sisters, in which she got to co-write THREE episodes, Gina is taking her brilliant self to the writing staff of the #1 show on TV: NCIS!  She just started work on the hit CBS drama, so keep your eye out for her episodes starting in Fall 2011.  Congrats, talented girl!