Thursday, August 16, 2012

University of Phoenix, Rising?

Last week I had a print audition for University of Phoenix.  I've written about these types of auditions before: you drive across town, wait in line with tens/hundreds of guys your type, get a few pictures snapped, then battle traffic back home.  Still, always grateful for the audition because it makes me feel like I'm doing "something" anyway!  I thought nothing more of it until I got a call from my agent a couple days later asking about my availability because they were interested in casting me for the job. Yay!  BUT, my hair already pretty short, I felt I had to let my agent know that I had gotten it cut even shorter since the casting.  Ugh.

She said she would check with the casting director, so I took a pic of my shorn skull on my phone and e-mailed it to her.  Having not heard back, I finally contacted her Monday because I needed to know if I should still keep those days open for the shoot.  She informed me that they passed on booking me (damn expensive haircut!), but she promised to get me on another one...

Then yesterday morning I get a call from my very-same-agent who said that casting had a change of heart and wanted to book me after all - Whew!  So, I had to quickly fill out and return a bunch of paperwork and the shoot is scheduled for either next Wednesday or Saturday.  Then you may just see me as one of the smiling folks on the University of Phoenix website.  As long as they don't change their minds again...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Sis!

Wish I could be there!  You'll just have to come out here again sometime to celebrate.

Playing Dress-up: Part 27

I got to spend the day as a Korean War-era soldier for a recent project.  At a jazz club.  Good stuff.