Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walking In Sunshine

This afternoon, I got to take a nice long walk in the sunshine (it's about 75 degrees here today) to the post office where I sent off my first batch of commercial agent letters. I sent out 17 this time, and now it's just wait-and-see. With the new postal rates, it cost 97 cents to send each one out. So, in addition to being very time-consuming to do a mass mailing to all 150+ agents, it is really cost prohibitive - especially considering most people have to do several such mailings before they get an agent. Yes, it might take longer this way for me to finally land an agent, but I think it more likely that I will get a good one this way.

So, I will just move on to other things and give this mailing about a month or so. If, at that time, I haven't heard back from anyone, I'll (mostly random at that point) choose several other agents to send to.


  1. Good luck on the search, pal... After following your blog, and reading on your dedication (no surprise there), I'm confident your time will come.

    Take care,


  2. Thanks $py-diddy! Glad you're reading.


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