Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Green and Blue and Gold Day

It was a nice day to be a Wisconsin sports fan. Marquette gets a big win against hated Notre Dame and that's followed up by the Packers thrashing the Seahawks at Lambeau.

I do miss being able to watch these games either in person or with my friends or family back home, but it is still a nice distraction while I'm trying to get work done ;) Today's project is getting cover letters written, printed out, and packed up with headshots/resumes to send to commercial agents on Monday. The writer's strike doesn't affect the commercial industry, so while it's not a good time to be looking for theatrical (i.e. TV/Film) representation, it IS a good time to try to get a commercial agent.

My initial targeted mailing will be to 15-20 agents (of the 150+ in town) who I have heard good things about. Hopefully I will hear back from one or two in the next few weeks wanting to set up meetings. If I don't hear back from any of them, I will send out to another batch of agents and so on. Yes, it can be a lengthy process to do it this way rather than a "mass mailing" to every agent in town, but 1) it's cheaper this way and 2) I stand a better chance of getting an agent who could really do something for me.


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