Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh to Be a Public Enemy...

So, I keep hearing about the new Michael Mann (the man behind Miami Vice, Last of the Mohicans, Heat, etc.) film, Public Enemies, shooting in Wisconsin and Chicago this spring. See this article for details:

The film, based on a book which I'd like to read, is about crime in the Midwest in the early thirties and how it led to the FBI's development. Johnny Depp is slated to play John Dillinger, and Christian Bale is in talks to play an FBI guy who's chasing him. It's a big-budget film, and would be a boon for the Wisconsin economy. And, of course, as a native Midwesterner, I would love to be a part of it! So, I sent a letter with a headshot/resume to everyone I could find affiliated with the project -- casting directors, producers, even Mr. Mann himself (a UW Madison alum) -- asking for a chance to read for them. Seeing as how I don't have a theatrical agent, nor a SAG card, it is likely a long shot, but hey, I won't know unless I try, right?

Anyway, the film starts shooting in March and will likely go through June, so you guys around Wisconsin/Chicago may get to see some solid 1930's action!


On another note, I met my friends JD and Sean for a drink, actually two, in Hollywood over the weekend and was reminded why I don't go out here -- a drink with tip was $16. Now, this isn't the kind of 32 oz. giant fruity drink you get served poolside at a hotel in Vegas, it was just a regular cocktail in a small glass. The highlight of the evening, besides seeing just how far $32 goes these days, was seeing Bill Maher getting his "Real Time" in, strolling by with some arm-candy who looked half his age.

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  1. Between the Dark Knight and this, Bale should just get a house in Lake Geneva.



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