Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Two Auditions

I had two (non-union) commercial auditions this morning which was great, but a bit nerve-racking since the first was in Santa Monica and the next was in Hollywood and traffic is always an adventure.

Audition 1: True Credit. I guess it's a pretty big credit company - helps get people into and then out of debt I suspect. The audition was for the part of a younger mechanic who impresses his older, grumpier mentor by having credit good enough to buy the nice sports car that he's working on. Would be a fun little spot, so hopefully I hear back.

Audition 2: Bon-Ton department stores. I hadn't heard of them, but looking at their website and merchandise, they seem a lot like Kohl's. I wonder if they are even affiliated in some way...
Anyway, the audition consisted of literally walking back and forth in front of the camera. And I don't think the lady particularly liked the way I walk, so I doubt I'll hear back. Maybe it's my terrible posture, have to work on that...

Callbacks (i.e. second and final round of auditions for those they liked the most from the initial csating) for both are next week, so if I'm going to hear back (you never do if you DON't get the gig/callback/whatever), it should be by the end of the week.

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  1. Jeff, it is Sean, I am very much into reading this blog hahah, It mirrors my own journey. But you are more active than I am , going on auditions weekly, if not daily, that's awesome! Get ready for blisters when we go striking, "Aces!"


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