Thursday, January 10, 2008

Latest Strike Info

While there have been a couple small interim deals struck here over the past couple weeks, overall, there hasn't been much progress. Yesterday, I went to a meeting at the WGA theatre about a new venture by the writers called "Strike TV" - it is an initial foray by the writers into new media. They are developing a non-profit (for now) website that will show new, short productions created -- and owned -- by writers. There is the hope that this is a way to eventually compete with the big studios in the distribution arena. Distribution is the way that the networks/studios have been holding control of the industry since the first movies were made 100 years ago - "Give us x% (sometimes 50% or more) of your product and we will get it out to the masses" Of course, the internet, and ANYONE'S ability to have their stuff seen by millions of people around the world, is changing the idea of what distribution should be - and what it is worth.

If you're interested in the latest goings-on of the strike, here are a couple of the best websites (On the right side of United Hollywood, you'll find a link to Strike TV if you're interested in hearing more about that venture)

The Official Site:
Nikki Finke's slightly more gritty, "Insider":

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