Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, Monday

This week brought with it a bit of the L.A. winter, i.e. it was raining and in the 40's when I woke up, and stayed cool and overcast all day. Nothing like what the Midwest is getting, but still a little depressing not to see the sun...

I haven't heard from any of last week's auditions (Of course, it is MLK day, so maybe everybody is off and I'll hear tomorrow ;) But, I tried to be productive anyway, writing out and sending a dozen or so postcards to some of the more prolific commercial casting directors in town. I keep hearing that it is a lot about getting and keeping 'your name and face' in front of casting directors, agents, etc. The hope is that eventually they might start to recognize you or remember you or, if you should be so lucky, maybe they happen to be casting something you'd be just perfect for when your postcard comes across their desks.

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