Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strike Out?

With rumors of negotiating being back on between the Writers and Producers, there is a feeling of optimism on the picket lines. Though today it was soaked optimism, as it rained for the 3rd straight day. I walked with my friends Sean, Yvette, and JD (who has been going consistently for the last two months.) JD introduced me to the writers/producers of LOST including Damon Lindelof, Adam Horowitz, and Drew Goddard, who he's been walking with on and off for awhile. (Incidentally, Goddard also wrote the current #1 movie in America, Cloverfield.) They were all very nice, and young -- just a few years older than me -- and they seem like they have a great time working together. That is, when there is no strike. But they seem a good example of 'the ultimate' out here - getting to work with your friends on projects you really care about. Plus, these particular guys get to do it in Hawaii...
Out here, of course there is plenty of talk about Heath Ledger's death. It has just been a few days, and it may take some time for what really happened to come out -- if it ever does. But, the truth remains, that no matter what happened, it is tragic that someone so young and talented is gone. And though I don't know him, and am likely several degrees of separation away from him and his family, it still makes me really sad.

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