Friday, January 25, 2008

2 Agency Responses So Far

I've gotten two responses to my commercial agent letters so far. TAG, which is the commercial/print division of Acme Talent, a pretty big agency, called to set up a meeting for the end of February -- I guess they like to plan in advance!

The Daniel Hoff Agency, which is one of the most respected commercial agencies in town, called me in for a read today. I got there and read some commercial copy (for a Pringles ad) to the camera in front of one of the assistants. I was excited to be called, and I would love to sign with DH, though I am not holding my breath, since I found out they have one of these "invited open calls" every week, and they likely see 50-60 actors/week. I did okay, not great, but the girl who ran the audition was really nice and said that if the agent was interested, they'd be in touch in 1-2 weeks. So, we'll see...

Hopefully, at least one or two more responses will trickle in the next week or two.

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