Friday, February 1, 2008

You Gotta Have Class, Man!

I've been taking a class with Paul Kampf, a playwright/director turned screenwriter/director, for the last three Thursday nights from 7 - 10:30. It has been really insightful - he focuses on using your instincts and your imagination in your acting, which is unlike any acting teacher I've had before. He also stresses the importance of developing your own process for preparing - for auditions, for scenes, etc. This preparation process will be very helpful for me as I (hopefully!) get to audition for TV/Film roles. The class runs for 6 weeks (and there are just 6 of us in it!), but following the 6 weeks, he will be turning it into a regular class. That is, one that meets every week in perpetuity, and you pay monthly as you go.

One of my New Year's resolutions was to get in a regular class, and I think I lucked into finding the perfect place for me right off the bat. I was actually given Paul's name by a woman in Chicago who I had auditioned for some time ago. She is the Artistic Director of a theatre company there and contacted me a couple months ago offering me a role in an upcoming production. I told her that I appreciated the call, but I had moved out here, at which time she recommended Paul who she had worked with several times in the past. Though my L.A. career is still in its infancy, I have already seen the impact of networking and relationship building.

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