Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Play Ball!

Fun stuff today working on Amazing Sports Stories. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Ontario - downright hot in those wool duds. I got to run the bases, throw the ball around, sit in the dugout, and best of all, was one of two guys who got to hit a little bit. It has been years since I've had to hit live pitching (not counting sweet 16-in softball hurling ;). And even though it was hardly major league pitching, it was still a bit intimidating having to hit on cue and without any warm-up. But, the worst part was that they set up the camera mere feet behind the plate, so I was constantly worried about fouling a ball back and breaking the $10,000 camera and/or one of the faces on the 10 people standing directly behind me.

The show will air on Fox Sports Network starting in April, though I don't know if it will just be on the FSN California stations, but I will let you know if I hear. Anyway, who knows what of me they will choose to use - if anything - but it was a lot of fun getting to wear Yankee pinstripes, even if just for a day.


  1. Love the old school baseball look and the old school baseball "stadium" used for the shoot. Looks like it's right out of upstate New York in 1924.

    --John Griff

  2. Where to begin . . . that's awesome that you got to wear the pinstripes--but more important, how'd you do at the plate?

    Also, how come the Badgers aren't on your list of teams? I'm outraged!

    Oh, wait, maybe it's because stifling defense and excruciatingly boring play only works in the Big Ten. Never mind.

    Good luck with those parts!

  3. Thanks guys, yeah the field was great. It's a "Historic Landmark" with ivy covered walls and no ads. Very authentic.

    I actually hit pretty well considering I was hitting with a wooden toothpick! Swung and missed a few times, but put a couple in the gap, and several down the line/in the hole between short and third...

    POLL: yeah, knowing the homers that likely read this blog (myself included!) I figured that I better leave Wisconsin and Marquette off the list to get a somewhat objective result ;)

  4. jeff boehm...how's life...dan frostman here. your dad told me about hollywood and jb. just like the mavericks. proud of your many endeavors...
    email me...dan@thesweetlovinsodacompany.com


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