Monday, February 4, 2008

Like a Good Neighbor...

Audition this morning for a State Farm commercial. Actually more of a pre-screen look-see as I found out. They are looking for one guy and one girl - in their mid 30's. So, I bumped my age up a few years and maybe the many random gray hairs I have will help me out ;) By the time I got there near noon, they had seen over 200 girls and I was guy number 129. So, who knows how many people they ended up seeing by the end of the day. They just took a few pictures, and then I guess based on look, they will call a few guys and girls in to actually read.

On another note, anybody like the Super Bowl commercials yesterday?! They seemed terrible. I can't believe Bud Light spent $2.7 million for each of so many stupid 30-second spots. Made me long for the days of " Wazzzzzupppp?!!?"


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