Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty Super Tuesday

Tuesday was a pretty productive day for me:

I had my second meeting with Brass Artists regarding commercial representation and it went really well. They want to represent me, and it seems like a pretty good fit, which is great! But, I do want to keep the other meetings I have scheduled before deciding for sure.

In other news, I got a call from the casting director of that Amazing Sports Stories baseball project I auditioned for awhile back. While it wasn't for the part I auditioned for, she offered me a part of one of the 1931 Yankees. So, I get to be teammate of Gehrig and Ruth for the shoot next week Tuesday which sounds like fun!

Also, I got called for two print auditions, one each tomorrow and Thursday, so that should keep me busy.

Now, if every day this week can be so full of industry-related happenings, I'll be very happy! :)

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