Thursday, February 28, 2008

Roger That!

I got called in today to audition as a photo double for Roger Federer for an upcoming Nike commercial. I guess I'm roughly the same size as good ol' Rog, though rumor has it that he is slightly more proficient with a tennis racket... I got to simulate some ground strokes on film, and they took a few pictures. At any rate, it is a very cool spot, also starring a guy from the TV show "Flight of the Conchords" and -- I know I sound like a broken record by now -- it would be wonderful to get!

Had a meeting with another potential commercial agency yesterday, though it is stretching the definition of the word "meeting" to call it one. I was in front of the agent for literally 20 seconds; she took my picture, asked where I was from, told me she "liked my look" and said they were having callbacks in a couple weeks and she'd see me then. I was shuttled out the door before I even knew what hit me. Ahh, you can say a lot of L.A., but it is nothing if not always interesting!

I also was called yesterday by the casting director of the baseball project I worked on Tuesday and they need to shoot some more, so I'm likely working Sunday. More work, Yes!


  1. Hey man, that's awesome! Keep it up and thanks for all the updates!


  2. Thanks, Schmiddy! Hope the family is doing well and enjoying all the snow I hear you're getting ;)


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