Thursday, June 19, 2008

SAG Conservatory

After getting my mail today, I am now a member of the SAG Conservatory. What is that, you ask? It is a very cool program that the guild has that allows actors to train virtually for free. There are classes at the American Film Institute (AFI) campus in Hollywood on everything from cold reading to voice to improv to on-camera to scene-study. As I understand it, there are not many classes during the summer, but throughout the rest of the year, members of SAG who pay a nominal fee to join the Conservatory ($20 for the summer, $60? for the fall and spring 'semesters') can participate in as many classes they want. I just had to fill out a short application, send a headshot, and they sent my official membership card.

This is really exciting for me because the classes are focused on such specific things that they will be a great supplement to my current weekly class. Also, I will get exposure to many different instructors and meet other actors who are attempting the same journey as me. There are no classes right now, but I look forward to the summer seminar session in July!

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