Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hot Town, Summer in the City

It is HOT in L.A. Temps have hovered in the mid 90's (some areas of town topping 100) for the past few days. I'm told that this is seasonally unusual, that the big heat doesn't usually arrive until August. So, I guess I'm just lucky in my first summer in town!

Saturday was the annual SAG picnic at Griffith Park which is right up the road from me. I think the heat kept a lot of people away, but they had music and food and drinks and SOFTBALL! Got to play some 16-inch -- didn't know that existed around here. The field was directly in the oppressive sun, so the game was moved to a shadier area of the park which was nice. And I made a few connections with softball players, so hopefully I'll get to play more often. In fact, there is even a 16-inch league that plays two seasons; March - June and Sep. - Dec. Ahh, softball in December... Sounds nice, doesn't it?

As for the heat, looks like a cool front is moving in by Tuesday -- it will only be 80.

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