Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day & Happy Birthday, Mom

Alas, I am missing the annual family Father's Day get-together which coincides with my mom's birthday this year. I hope you have fun, and that the rain has subsided. Miss you guys!

Tensions are high out here as the end of the SAG contract looms just 2 weeks from now. There seems to be no progress in the negotiations with the studios, and to make things worse, there is infighting between SAG and AFTRA (the other acting union that governs day-time shows and a few prime-time shows). I don't know many of the specifics as to why they are attacking each other, besides the fact that AFTRA already made a deal and SAG feels like that deal is not a good one. The one thing I do know though is that the studios must love the fact that the acting unions are fighting each other. I just hope some semblance of an equitable deal can soon be reached and the town can go on working. As it is now, many shows/films are waiting for some resolution before they begin shooting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting...

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