Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wisconsin Sports

Spring is a time of new beginnings -- and a time for baseball. The Brewers battled the rain and the Cubs to win their season opener in 10 innings on Monday. Since it was a nationally televised game, I got to see every pitch. Good stuff. Another win today and the Crew is off to a good start...

It was surprising to hear that Marquette coach Tom Crean is leaving for Indiana. Not surprising that he would take the job, after all it's one of the most coveted jobs in college basketball, but just another reminder that college coaches' contracts are an absolute joke. I know that the argument goes that you can't recruit good players without your coach having a long-term contract, but does that really matter? Coaches get fired all the time with years remaining on their deals, leaving players in a pickle. And what about this instance? The MU players and recruits thought Crean would be around for awhile because of his long-term deal, but not so. Can you think of any other profession where contracts mean so little? I would just once like to see a college coach actually fulfill his contract. Now THAT would be something.

Auditions: Yesterday, Mike's Hard Lemonade commercial. Today, a print job.

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