Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekly Wrap-up

To finish a pretty busy week of auditions and mailings, the past couple days I had two print auditions (AJ Morgan Eyeglasses and Suntory Japanese Beer), which were quick and easy. Just a couple pictures and out - I got to try some pretty interesting sunglasses on...

I also had a commercial audition for Deutsche Telecom which was a pretty intriguing concept. Similar to I Am Legend, it takes place in an eerily empty large city. Actually a series of commercials, the campaign supposedly details the importance of interpersonal communication. The best part of getting that gig would be that it shoots in Beunos Aires which would be pretty cool.

All week I've been working on a couple of mailings. The first being an update postcard to many of the commercial casting directors in town to let them know that 1) I signed with an agent and 2) I am now SAG eligible. Again, this is just to keep my name and face on their radar. Also, since I am now SAG eligible, I've been mailing my headshot/resume to more theatrical casting directors (TV and film). I figure that if I send my stuff in to 100 CD's, maybe I'll hear back from 1 who is willing to let me come in and read -- and I would count that as success ;)

Baby steps. Baby steps.

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