Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lunch with David

Had lunch today with one of the friends I met walking the Writers' Guild picket lines during the strike, David Dean Bottrell. Those of you who watch Boston Legal may remember him as eccentric, murderous, scene-stealing neighbor, Lincoln Meyer, from a couple seasons back. He is also a varied and talented writer, and his recently begun blog "Parts and Labor" is a wonderful weekly read. It is a sometimes poignant, sometimes biting, always insightful look at what it means to be living in Hollywood and working in the industry. I urge you to check it out, and it's easy to sign up if you want the latest post to be sent via e-mail each Monday:

(kids: ask your parents first, as there may be a touch of adult language from time to time ;)

Anyway, it was fun catching up at lunch, finding out the latest and greatest in David's life. He is busily involved in a number of different projects, and talking with him motivates me even more to keep moving forward. I was reminded again why the writer's strike might have been in fact a blessing for me, as it allowed me to meet inspiring, cool folks like David.

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