Saturday, April 26, 2008

SAG Negotiations Update - Ugh

Hollywood insider, Nikki Finke, is keeping a close eye on the closed-door SAG/AMPTP meetings. In a recent posting, she gave an ominous sounding status update:

EXCLUSIVE (Keep refreshing for latest updates): I can now report that the negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild and the AMPTP are not making any progress with both sides very far apart and very frustrated. Negotiators for the Hollywood CEOs are privately making it clear they plan to make a deal first with AFTRA in order to use that as a wedge to soften up SAG. And, get this -- my sources tell me that the AMPTP is now prepared to wait out SAG for a deal until as late as mid-July. Which means the Big Media moguls are virtually daring SAG to strike when its contract expires the end of June.

For further info, visit Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily:

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