Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Last Couple Days...

Thursday I met with my commercial agent to talk about which pictures of mine he wanted up on the casting website out here. He wanted very specific "looks" i.e. blue collar, businessman, trendy, sporty, etc. After he told me the pics which he felt could sell me best, I went to L.A. Casting and had them uploaded. So, hopefully they will indeed help him help me.

I had an audition yesterday for Telcel, a Mexican cell phone company, and I had to say a line of dialogue in Spanish -- which I don't speak. So, it was funny, but the casting director said not to worry, that the company was probably going to dub the line in later anyway. Ahh, every audition is proving to be a new and interesting experience...

Gina is writing a film noir-esque private dick character in one of her screenplays, so she's been trying to catch up on some of the classics. And, further proving that you can find just about anything movie-wise in this town, it just so happens that this month is the 10th annual Film Noir festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, so I took her there last night. The Egyptian is just down the road from the Chinese Theatre (also built by Sid Grauman in the 1920's) and the Kodak on Hollywood Blvd. A stately throwback to the Golden Age of Hollywood, (built in 1922 and recently renovated) they show all kinds of old films there, usually running in monthly series'. For their Noir fest, they managed to obtain many films from the studio vaults that haven't been screened in decades and aren't on DVD, including last night's Hell's Five Hours. Starring Vic Morrow and Coleen Gray (who spoke after the film), Hell's is about a hostage/'terrorist' scare at an energy plant. It was a lot of fun, and the story (if not some of the dialogue and acting) held up pretty well after 50 years. Before the movie, noted crime novelist and screenwriter (and wildman!), James Ellroy (L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia) talked a little about why film noir is still so captivating, and indeed he was skipping his own movie's premiere release (Street Kings) to catch Hell's Five Hours! Incidentally, right before the movie started, I saw a familiar face walk in with a huge popcorn and soda to sit by himself in the third row -- huge movie buff, Quentin Tarantino.

Only in this town.

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