Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mexican for a Day

So, no doubt my Mexican accent didn't impress anyone at my Telcel audition Friday, but they still called and wanted me to be part of the "family" that gets together at a picnic in the commercial. So, it really was like extra work, but that was okay with me because I wasn't doing anything else yesterday and the day rate was pretty good.

It was also a great opportunity for me to continue to explore Southern California. The shoot was up in Ojai (pronounced O-hi) which is about 80 miles from L.A. It was a nice drive and the Ojai valley itself was absolutely beautiful. The day was a typical extra day: sit around for 5-6 hours then shoot for an hour or so. But, as I said the scenery was really something to see, so it was definitely worth it.

Audition: On Sunday, which was unusual, had an audition for Polaris ATV. I think it's a series of print ads they are doing over the course of the next few months, so we'll see...

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