Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Modicum of Success

A Modicum of Success

Yesterday I called a headshot photographer whose work I really like, and I set up a shoot for this Sunday. It was nice that he had an opening as I’m anxious to get that done. Anyway, he was looking at my website and told me he had a contact at an agency he thought might be interested in me for print stuff (print = magazine/newspaper/internet ads, catalogue material, tradeshow stuff, etc.) Here in L.A., you can only have ONE film/tv agent and ONE commercial agent, but you can have multiple print agents.

Sure enough, I went to Valencia, CA, where this agent is headquartered, met with a woman there and they took me on. It sounds promising, but of course there are no guarantees. Another nice thing is that they work with a lot of clothing companies supplying them ‘fit models’ – which is what I did with Bachrach in Chicago for about 3 years and is the easiest job known to man. Essentially, you just try to clothes on to see how they ‘fit’ and the company’s technical designers measure things and clothing designers ask how the shirt/pants/whatever feels. It would be HUGE to get such a gig out here, as it would pay the bills while I seek out my acting agent. And it is possible – if any company is looking for a more normally built guy like me versus most of the dudes out here who are 6’ 2’’ with 30 inch waists. We’ll see what happens…

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  1. That sounds great!! i'm happy//excited for you. i really want to come visit this summer. Haven't really ran it by my parents yet, i'm waiting for a really good time. =] glad to hear your doing good!


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