Thursday, November 15, 2007

Living in a desert

I can't tell you how many times since I've been here that I've heard, "that's because we live in a desert," or "that's what living in a desert will do." Having been here about a month now, I can definitely see what this desert living mantra is all about. The first thing I noticed is that it's always dry. Coming from a place where hot weather usually comes along with humid weather, it is a welcome change. However, it means you need to drink lots more! Especially if you do anything active, it is hard to stay hydrated unless you drink gallons of water per day - which I've been trying to do of late.

Also, the sun is HOT here. Even when it is only warm out (say 65 degrees), in the sun, it feels much hotter - and it is very easy to burn. The other residual effect of desert weather is that it cools off considerably at night. On a clear night, the temperature may drop about 30 degrees from the day's high. To me, that's perfect weather: you just throw on a sweatshirt and jeans and you're ready to roll.

So far, as long as I have my trusty canteen by my side, I'm liking this desert living...


  1. I can see it now...

    Casting Director: "Ok, Jeff, we are going to be reading a scene from "Lawrence of Arabia II: But It's A Dry Heat"."

    JB: "I think I can handle that."


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