Thursday, November 1, 2007

Acting Class

So, this class I'm enrolled in is pretty intense. This morning begins my third 10-12+ hour class day. So, it has been hectic, but that's good. I've met quite a few interesting actors, casting directors, agents - so far. There are 34 actors total, and when we break down into smaller groups for the performing classes, it splits to 17. And folks are from all over - New York, Chicago, London, Australia, Poland, which makes for a varied and diverse group. Oh, and a friend of mine from Chicago named Brittani is also enrolled, so that's a funny coincidence!

The class is a combination of sessions: some on the business side of things (terminology, L.A. agents, what to expect), some cold reading sessions with casting directors where we are assigned a script, given a few minutes to prepare, and then perform the piece, get feedback/notes and perform it again, and finally some sessions in front of agents where we perform individual monologues and get feedback/critiques.

It is funny, as I go from feeling really confident and hopeful during a session where I get really positive responses to feeling a bit less so when I hear about the overwhelming odds and how difficult it is to even get an agent, get your SAG (union) card, make a living as an actor, etc. But, people do accomplish these things, and I know I can't get discouraged, and I press on!

And, the weather out here is beautiful.


Oh, and what a great Packer game on Monday night!

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