Thursday, November 29, 2007

Actor as Commodity

So, I had another audition today -- and this time I didn't get a parking ticket. It was for a SAFECO insurance commercial, and I found out that the commercial audition process has become even more commodified. Now, many of the casting directors out here use a website called "The Casting Frontier" which assigns a bar code to each actor (Mine can be seen above). This barcode can be scanned it at any audition and your pictures and resume will come up on the screen. So, these casting directors don't even want headshots anymore, you just give them your bar code. Next thing you know, we'll just have said bar code tattooed to our wrists...


Now, I need to go find a bar that gets the NFL network so I can watch the Packers play the Cowboys. Go Pack!


  1. if you didn't find a spot to watch the game, don't feel bad. it was one of those games that probably took a few years off your life if you watched it in its entirety.

  2. Yeah, what a shame they lost. But, after the beginning, when it looked like a blowout, at least they made it respectable.


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