Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The March

The WGA rally in Hollywood yesterday was pretty amazing. The turnout was ENORMOUS! I stood about 20 feet from where Alicia Keys belted out two of her new songs, then joined the throng as they marched down Hollywood Boulevard. I was walking next to an Asian guy that looked familiar - no, it wasn't Nolasco, this guy was short and had glasses and I realized that he was the dude from Heroes. I don't watch the show, but I soon realized that it was most of the cast. I definitely recognized Ali Larter who is small but striking in person. They were soon surrounded by paparazzi, and I kind of veered away, not wanting to be that guy in the background of all the pictures. But, they seemed very nice, ready and willing to talk to their fans and take pictures with them. I saw some other actors and writers I recognized, and hopefully having some celebrity faces there brings even more attention to the cause.

And the acting front, I finished writing out and sending postcards to every casting director in town - over 200. I'm not expecting to hear from them, but the idea is just to get my face in front of them. Then when I get my new headshots, I will likely target the casting directors who are working on projects/shows I would like to be a part of. A lot of writing and mailing seems to be the recipe for work out here...

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