Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is it really November?

Yesterday I picked up the self-promotion/marketing postcards I had printed – they have three different pictures of me on the front. Out here, postcards are a quite standard and expected way to stay in touch with the people you meet in the business, i.e. managers, agents, casting directors. It’s an easy way to say thanks, let them know about something you’ve done, or fill them in on something you will be doing (a theatre show or a commercial to look for). And more than a letter or an e-mail, it also keeps your face fresh in their minds should a project come across their desk that they think you’d be right for. The postcard receivers like them because there are no envelopes to open – they can take a look, maybe read the back (though more likely not) – and toss ‘em.

So, anyway, this afternoon I am working on writing out postcards to all the industry luminaries I met at my class last week. And I’m doing so in my backyard where it’s a very pleasant 70 degrees in the shade. The sun is bright and hot and there is not a cloud in the sky. I have to keep reminding myself that it is indeed mid-November. I think I could get used to this…


  1. Love the blog Boehm! Keep up the good work! That's a pretty sweet apartment you scored!

    Freeway stalked us Saturday before, during AND after the game. He grabbed Richards ass at Goolsby's. Good times.


  2. this has been fun to read.

    and i'm glad it's so nice there. really. i actually had to defrost my car this morning - had to let it run for, like, 10 minutes, because i parked in the driveway last night.

  3. Nice work on the blog Boehm! Sounds like you're doing well. I'm not sure how soon we'll make it out there, but you're always welcome in AZ. Spring Training is in March so let us know. Oh and don't forget about the Vegas trip.


  4. Boehm,
    You sure have a lot of pictures of yourself. Sounds like you've turned into a starlette already. But the blog has been fun to read and a good way to keep us posted. Best of luck!

  5. Thanks for reading the blog, fellas! Sorry to hear about Freeway, Ford! Sorry to hear about the defrosting, Tom. Maybe Spring Training, Phil?

    And yes, Tim, I have waaaay too many pictures of myself. But, the difference is that for the most part, I PAY for pictures of myself (except ads) and starlets GET paid for getting their pictures taken. I can only hope to one day attain that status...

  6. Blog is cool, Boehmer... Leaving for Florida soon for a 2 week vacation, however it is only temporary. In the city of Pimps, Playas, and Hustlas (Moline), it is cold. I think your new digs are pretty sweet. I enjoy reading your updates as well. I'm sure your persistence will pay off in the end. Good luck!!



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