Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thumb Up!

I finally got to take care of my torn thumb ligament this summer (thank you SAG insurance and modern medicine!) and I'm on the mend.  It is amazing just how many things you need a strong and stable thumb to do; it's so easy to take it for granted until you are without the use of one - or both!

The surgeon had to reattach my ligament and sheath and put a pin in.  About six weeks after the surgery, the pin came out, and now I am completely free of casts, hardware (except for the small anchors which affix the ligament to the bone and will stay in) and stitches! 

I am in physical therapy twice a week for both hands -- since I hurt the other hand a few months ago as well and got cortisone shots in that one during my last surgery.  So, still no sports for awhile, but at least I 'm able to start building the strength back up.

The scars are healing, and it's getting back to normal, which means I can get out auditioning (hopefully!) for roles other than those that tolerate a cast or a grotesque Frankenthumb!

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