Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

Having a cast on my hand precluded me from getting as many jobs as I would have liked this summer, but my cast and I did manage to work on a very cool Citibank commercial.  I got to dress up as an 18th century sailor -- complete with funky hat and crazy wig -- and spend the day on a faux-sailing ship atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific north of Malibu.  We arrived on set before dawn, getting to see the sun rise over the mountains and worked well into the evening.  Despite getting pelted with water and smoke/dust from some high powered wind machines, it was a beautiful location and a great day.

Oh, and one commercial that was shot right before my surgery was a Chase Bank spot for which  I played a mini-golf course employee.  "How many balls do you need, sir?"

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