Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free Pre-Paid Cremation! Details Inside

Got this in today's mail.  Now to be fair, it was addressed to a former resident (one who moved 3-4 years ago.)  BUT, two things struck me about it:

1)  Can something actually be "Free" and "Pre-Paid" at the same time?


2)  Is cremation marketing really something that lends itself to unsolicited bulk mail?  Does anyone see the envelope, Free Pre-Paid Cremation! and think to themselves, "ah, just the offer I've been waiting for!"?  And what gets people on the list to receive these in the mail anyway?  Old age?  Poor health?  AARP Membership?  Subscription to Fast Food Monthly?


  1. I think the exclamation point might be one of the most disturbing parts of this whole... situation.


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