Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Headshots

Out here it is always a popular debate how often one should get new headshots.  Obviously if your "look" substantially changes -- i.e. a drastic haircut, you gain or lose a lot of weight, etc. -- you need new shots.  It is one of casting directors' oft-mentioned pet peeves when an actor comes in the room looking nothing like his or her picture, or even worse: looking like the picture plus 10 years.

I know some actors who get new headshots every year, or even every 6 months.  That seems a little much to me.  I mean, once you're out of high school, does your face change that drastically in half a year?  Still, it has been more than a couple years since I got new ones, so I agreed with my manager that it was time for new shots.

The process of finding the right photographer is quite the process, and is honestly one thing that keeps me from getting pictures more often.  But based on a tip from my manager, I ended up shooting with David LaPorte, who was really amazing to work with.  The photo shoot is typically not much fun (for me, anyway), but this was the least painful headshot session I've ever had -- possibly because we talked about baseball most of the time...

After sifting through a CD with a ton of pictures and choosing the best couple dozen, the final shots got the thumbs up from my manager.  He picked a few different looks to have me upload to Breakdown Services/Actors Access which is the site he uses to submit me for auditions.  After sending a bunch to my commercial agent, I also uploaded a couple looks to LA Casting per her request which is the site they use to submit for commercial projects -- in fact, one of the new shots below (in a white shirt and tie) was the one that got me picked for the American Family audition last week.

The final part of the whole deal was getting some hard copies printed to bring along to auditions.  I've got that done, so now I'm ready to get out there! 

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