Thursday, October 30, 2008


Been busy with workshops the last week - Helen Geier, Debbie George, and Nick Anderson. They were each really good in different ways. The most interesting one was Debbie's that she ran like a 'producer's session.' That is, everyone in class -- 20 or so folks -- was given one of 4 scenes, then we did the scenes one at a time. So, everyone with scene 1 had to leave the room, then come in one by one, do the scene for the rest of the class and then leave again. When all the people with scene 1 had performed, the class discussed the performances (while those actors stayed out of the room). When the group went back in, the students and the CD gave feedback. It was a bit nerve-racking, though good practive, and it was fun seeing 4 or 5 people do the same scene -- seeing what each brought to the role.

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