Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend & SAG Strike? News

Saturday was week 2 of my Helen Geier workshop at The Network Studio - another partner scene. I think it is good to work multiple times in front of the same CD; next week we all read one on one with her.

I also had an audition for an independent short film this weekend. I'm not sure when I'll find out about it, but it would be a fun shoot and good experience, so my fingers are crossed.

Softball: We evened our season record with a drubbing on Sunday. I was 5-5 with 4 HR and 11 RBI. Ahh, softball...

SAG sent out an e-mail containing the following info. They are asking a federal mediator to step in with the negotiations at a standstill (the Studios still REFUSE to negotiate at all). They are also requesting a 'strike resolution' from SAG members -- that would mean that the SAG negotiators could actually threaten to strike. Sounds foreboding, though it seems that any actual decision on work stoppage is months down the road:

“In hopes of moving the Theatrical and TV negotiations forward, the National Board hereby takes the following actions: SAG will formally request a federal mediator be brought into the negotiations.

The Board authorizes a referendum and accompanying educational information be sent to the members requesting their authorization for the National Board to call a strike in the Theatrical and TV Contract, at such time as the Negotiating Committee determines in its sole discretion that the mediation process has failed.”

Approval of the strike authorization would require 75 percent approval of members who vote.

“We hope mediation will help move this process forward. This action by the board demonstrates our commitment to bargain with the strength of our unified membership behind us. Economic times are tough for all Americans, but we must take a stand for what is fair,” said Screen Actors Guild National President Alan Rosenberg.

“Our number one goal remains securing a good contract without a strike,” said SAG National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen. “I am pleased by the board’s strong show of support for the national negotiating committee and look forward to meeting with the federal mediator and the AMPTP committee as soon as possible.”

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