Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Much For Fall...What About Fall TV?

Wow, that brief autumnal spell was just that: brief. It is HOT again here - 90 degrees. Lucky I've got a pool and an air conditioner to keep me cool. Oh wait, I don't. Never mind...

There have been several new TV shows on the networks this fall. I haven't seen too many of them, but my favorite of those I've seen is Life on Mars - which has a very cool 70's vibe (no doubt since it is set in '73) and a slick soundtrack. Fringe is pretty good, too - though it veers into the science fiction realm, so beware if that's not your thing. My DVR has the new Christian Slater show, My Own Worst Enemy on it, but I haven't seen the first episodes yet.

Anybody watch one you like? Let me know!

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