Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pinstripe Redux

Here are a couple more pics of me as 1931 Yankee leftfielder, Ben Chapman. Day 2 of the Fox Sports Net Amazing Sports Stories Yankee shoot was a lot of fun on Sunday. We reshot the hitting scenes and they asked me to hit again. It felt good to hit live pitching and after a couple good strokes, upon the director's instruction to "get a hit to the outfield," I lined a solid base hit to left with my period wood toothpick/bat. Hopefully, they'll use that shot! Then I got to run the bases -- or at least run from 1st to 2nd quite often and then lead off 2nd base about a hundred times while they got all the shots of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig striking out. It was a beautiful sunny day and a beautiful ballpark with lush green grass, and even though it was something of an artificial situation, it reminded me why I love this game so much...

Audition: Adobe is producing a short film to package with its Creative Suite software that emphasizes all that the software can do. It is a Film Noir style short, and I auditioned of the role of the private eye. So, I got to channel my inner Humphrey Bogart, wear a suit, and read some lines 40's style. Of course that made the audition fun, and they had me read each scene a couple times which is usually a good sign. I think the producers weren't even really sure what they were looking for though since there were about 20 other guys in the waiting room also reading for the role and our ages ranged from about 30 to about 55. So it will be interesting to see who they decide to go with.


  1. Hey JB, Hostile from Chicago here... just want to let you know that I read all your updates. Keep it up and I look forward to next time we get to hang out.

  2. Thanks for reading, buddy! If you are ever out this way, give me a call!


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