Friday, March 28, 2008

In My Industry Related News...

Besides Jen's visit, I also had a good week since I became SAG eligible! Yay! I got that elusive 3rd union voucher working as an extra on that same big project I've worked on before. As I've said, that is one of the big hurdles out here. So, now when the paperwork eventually comes through and I cough up my $2500, I'll officially be a member of the Union. And then I'll be hoping SAG doesn't go on strike in June...

I also had a couple of auditions - one for the new hotel/casino MGM Grand is opening, and the audition required dancing, so let's just say that I doubt I will be hearing back from them... The other audition was for a Honda commercial - and now I'm really getting good at this walking to the pretend car and driving down the pretend road bit!

Hope everyone is doing well in their NCAA pools - big weekend ahead!

Edit: A couple other notes about this week's filming - it was green screen stuff. It involved sitting and walking and even using various tools upon a green platform surrounded by green walls. I wore different wardrobes/costumes each day and did different things. The filmmakers use these for special effects shots; they are able to take out the green on computers and put in whatever background/floor they want. It will be really interesting to see if they use any of my shots in the finished film.

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  1. Congrats on being SAG eligible, you're on your way! Sounds like you're continuously getting auditions which is great.

    Keep going!


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