Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Final Agent Meeting

So, this afternoon I have my final commercial agent meeting (the last one from this round of submissions, at least). It will be good experience for me to get in front of another agent, and I'll be able to compare her with those I've already met. Then it will be decision time - of course, that's contingent on them wanting to represent me. If they aren't interested, or if I don't feel a good vibe with them, I will sign with one of the other agencies I've already met with. And that, the actual signing, I am very excited for. That will (hopefully!) mean more, and more substantial, commercial auditions.

Speaking of auditions, I had one yesterday for a non-union commercial for Scott's Turf Builder -- one of those where two guys are outside admiring each other's lawn. It was kind of a funny spot and we got to play around with a bit of improv. Good stuff.


  1. Isn't Scott's Turf Builder the same place you did that spot with the shovel where you had to hold your breath cause it was winter and you had to pretend it was summer?? You're sure to get it! Keep on keepin on!

    Karl Kuryla

  2. Thank you for your post, KARL. I was wondering what became of you... And no, the shovel bit was FLEET FARM, but thanks for asking ;)


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