Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nissan Redux

I got a call late this afternoon from the casting agent who was running yesterday's Nissan audition. Apparently all the digital photos they took of me had disappeared. They still had the video, but the client also wanted digital stills. So, I had to get dressed up again and get over there -- a task that is easier said than done with rush hour approaching and it did indeed take over an hour each way even though it was just about 10 miles.

But, I actually look at it as an opportunity. I got more face time with the casting director, and even though it was just a few brief moments, this time there weren't a dozen other auditionees around. So, even if it doesn't pay off this time by booking the job (though I hope it does!), maybe she'll remember me for other projects down the road.



  1. Sounds really exciting, Jeff. Way to get your face out there!

  2. Thanks, Marc. I appreciate the support!


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