Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Cable Shows...

I got the chance to work background on a couple cable shows this week: Entourage and Californication.  The former is a show I enjoy watching, and it was fun to watch a scene with Ari Gold.  On the latter, I got to play a paramedic and was used in literally one shot, walking by for about 3 seconds.  Not bad for a day's work...


  1. Awesome! What was your scene for Entourage? I can't wait for that show to start up again, and even more so now that I know you're in it!

  2. Thanks man! It was actually a busy lunch scene at a nice restaurant in Beverly Hills -- a "walk and talk" which is where characters do just that, walk through a location while doing a scene.

    So, I may be glimpsed for a second or two, or I may not be depending how they edit the scene. Still, keep an eye out during episode 6 ;)

  3. Woohoo! I'm excited about the Entourage scene too. Do you find out in advance somehow when "your" episode will be airing?

  4. thanks, maggie! I know it will be the 6th episode, but that's it -- not sure when the new season starts, sometime in June I think?

  5. You didn't tell me you worked on Californication! I love that show.

    Who needed medical attention?

    I can't wait for that show to come back.

  6. I can't say on here who gets medical attention, but I will say that it's pretty grisily hilarious!


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