Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Long, Century 8!

Despite its worn carpeting, outdated seats, 80s decor, and occasional technical difficulties, the Century 8 cinema in North Hollywood did have a certain charm.  No longer.  The Century 8's singular charm was that it gave free admission to anyone with a SAG card.  Upon getting to the front of the line tonight however, I was told that they discontinued the policy on May 28th.  (Thanks for the warning!) 

And no, I didn't stay to see the movie.  My $10 can better be spent elsewhere.  Bitter?  Yes, I suppose, and I am indeed grateful for the many movies I saw there.  But, I also think it's a dumb idea for the joint.  I bet the attendance at the ancient theater (which has already seemed pretty sparse) will drop even more, since I always saw other SAG people getting tickets.  And less butts in the seats means less popcorn and candy sold and this doesn't bode well for the Century 8, since most of a theater's profit comes from those very concessions.  So, good luck with the new policy, ladies and gents of the Century, been nice knowing you!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that they discontinues the SAG deal. I am not an actress so I didn't know that they offered it.

    That is the closest theatre to me and I go there a lot, you scared me with your title, I thought it was closing down, lol
    But, if they make less money from concessions that may be next.

    Do any other theatres offer the SAG deal? I hope so.

    They had that Dark Knight viral there, that was pretty awesome = )

  2. oh sorry! didn't mean to scare you ;) yes, it's still alive and kicking -- and the evening (between 4-6 pm) prices are still pretty darn good.

    as for other theaters offering the SAG deal, I haven't found any yet. maybe someone will pick up the slack - I hope!

  3. That's lame! They are definitely no longer getting the money I don't have.


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