Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Recession?!

As a proud alum of the University of Chicago, I get occasional updates from the school, as well as those inevitable post-grad requests for cash. Unfortunately, I can barely pay my bills now, so I can't afford to help a prospective student pay his bills just yet. But, I digress... The latest e-mail I got was a jaw-dropper. David Booth, MBA '71, just donated $300 million to the business school at U of C. Yes, that's right - Three Hundred MILLION dollars. That is mindblowing, especially in today's floundering economy.

This is the largest gift ever to a business school (besting Nike founder Philip Knight's $105 million gift to Stanford) and one of the largest of any kind. Of course, U of C will name the school in honor of Mr. Booth. Good for him, and good for the school. Go Maroons!

Full article HERE

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