Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Wanna Get Away?"

Yesterday I worked downtown as an extra on a Southwest Airlines commercial. It wasn't, in fact, one of the company's famous "wanna get away?" spots, but it seems to be pretty funny. I think it's part of their new ad campaign focused on how so many other airlines have add-ons for additional services - bags, ticket changes, etc.

The commercial was shot downtown on the 29th floor of the AT&T building in a conference room. I played a business man at the conference table with the main actors. I'm not sure if even a glimpse of me got into the shot and/or will make it into the final commercial, but I'll let you know if I see it on the air...

It was a really easy day; they only really used the extras for about an hour over the course of the day, so I got caught up on some reading. The best part about it (and you may remember me extolling the virtues of SAG commercial work in the past) is that the rate is nearly 3x the rate of film/TV background work. So, needless to say -- until I start getting cast as the principal (main) actor in commercials -- I hope more commercial extra work is in my future ;)

Happy Election Day!

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